About Your Med Style

What represents the material of the Mediterranean? What is the style of the Mediterranean to you? What is your “Your Med Style”…?

Limitless coastline joining sea with land and culture define this region of the globe, the Mediterranean is not just a sea. It has its personality, unique and rich history, mainland and countless islands, so, to say that includes lifestyle and fantasy is an understatement.

As the center of trade between the East and the West for thousands of years and with its exchange of ideas and fabric, it is arguably the zenith of fashion in terms of history as we know it.

This is a fashion metropolis bursting with history, organically evolved sophistication, urban flair, imagination, style and freedom.

Our vision is inspired by the sun, bright blue skies blending with the glittering Mediterranean Sea and overlapping blue and white waves. Eyes are overwhelmed by vast landscape and sunset horizons from the peaks of islands such as Homer’s tomb in los, the volcanic Santorini, to Sicily, Corsica, Ibiza or Formentera…

There is a reason why the phrase “fashion statement” is so ubiquitous – what is it? Perhaps you crave meaning, symbolism, originality or have this feeling that you must be remembered in fashion, put simply – why would you not want to stand out?

We have selected an impressive crop of skilled, creative & talented designers who are making a stake in the world’s fashion industry.

Your Med Style Team

As dedicated as we are to fashion, we are symbolically aligned to origin, style & beauty…

Fashion is the perfect way to express yourself and to show your authentic style. When you feel good in what you wear in the arena around you, the world picks up on your energy and this will reflect back on you.

Inspired by the idea that the world can be even more beautiful surrounded by the elegance and ethereal vibe of the Mediterranean style, we put forward out dream of luxury or holiday lifestyle to those who have a certain taste – with YOUR MED STYLE.

While remaining exclusive, we traverse the pockets of society’s finest to the right people. The Mediterranean has its seasons and our lines; our range embraces all personalities just as it represents all seasons and what is suitable at any time of the year.

Meaning matches with originality, style and beauty; we also aim to create an incredible feeling of positivity. This is how we start and it is our “fashion statement” ….

Love, passion, living and wearing our work throughout our lives gives us a fundamental enthusiasm to share our ideas; perhaps this is a step towards a world which contanis additional style, beauty, fun and freedom …

“If I can’t be beautiful, want to be invisible”
Chuck Palahniuk

With love,
Amalia & your Stylists @ Your Med Style Team

Our Team

“Your Med Style” is the international premier shopping benchmark and source for unique pieces via an exclusive list of Mediterranean designers.

Sophistication, ethereal elegance, quality, exclusivity and uniqueness are our foundations.

…Let us show you your way to Mediterranean Beauty.

“Love of beauty is a taste. The creation of beauty is art”
Ralph Waldo Emerson